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puncture proof sealant

  • Puncture Liquid

    Puncture LiquidCareway Puncture Liquid is able to seal the max 5mm flat holes, add one time works almost one year.Prolong their lifetime, cool down the temperature.

  • Puncture Liquid For Motorcycle

    Puncture Liquid For MotorcycleThis product is designed for motorcycle tires. Add a bottle of this puncture liquid into the tire, it can protect your tires for almost one year. Puncture and patch free during this period. The puncture sealant is able to seal max 5mm holes.

  • Motorcycle Puncture Seal Liquid

    Motorcycle Puncture Seal LiquidCareway Motorcycle Puncture Seal Liquid is a water-based product, it has no harm to tire and rim, easy to clean up with water. Seals puncture up to 5mm, save your tires from leakage any time.

  • Tubeless Car Tire Sealant Is Specially for Car Tire Prevention

    Tubeless Car Tire Sealant Is Specially for Car Tire PreventionTubeless Car Tire Sealant from T And T used the latest formulas, rust resistant, anti freeze, seal the punctures up to 6mm, protect and save your tires anywhere from nails.