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Flat Tire Fix

  • Puncture Proof Sealant

    Puncture Proof SealantIf you drive frequently in a rough condition road, you may have troubles of your tire(s) due to the puncture from nail, sharp objects, stone, etc. It's a problem for many weman drivers to change the spare tire, however, if you have used a bottle of careway puncture proof sealant in your tires, things will become simple!

  • Tubeless Car Tire Sealant Is Specially for Car Tire Prevention

    Tubeless Car Tire Sealant Is Specially for Car Tire PreventionTubeless Car Tire Sealant from T And T used the latest formulas, rust resistant, anti freeze, seal the punctures up to 6mm, protect and save your tires anywhere from nails.

  • Puncture Liquid

    Puncture LiquidCareway Puncture Liquid is able to seal the max 5mm flat holes, add one time works almost one year.Prolong their lifetime, cool down the temperature.