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Automatic Car Wash

  • Engine Degreaser Outside Cleaner

    Engine Degreaser Outside CleanerCareway Engine Degreaser has good performance in decontaminating, fragrant smelling and easy operating. The product can be applied to clean the engine surface. It can quickly remove the dirt, oil stain and other deposit without damage to the rubber, plastic and paint.

  • Silicone Spray Mould Releaser

    Silicone Spray Mould Releaser​Silicone Spray can be applied in temperature between 60~150, for mould-releasing such as plastics and rubber industries, metallic casting mould, which forms the resisting film to prevent body adhesion, and not corrodes the body surface. It also has excellent anti-rust effect and powerful lubricating function, which can be widely applied to mechanism, precision parts and metal products.

  • Auto Silicone Spray Dashboard Polih

    Auto Silicone Spray Dashboard PolihAuto Silicone Spray Dashboard Polih is the perfect spray wax for leather, plastic and rubber. With an overseas advanced formula, it helps protect dashboard and car seats and tires from fading, wrinkling and aging, and provides a glossy finish. It can also effectively prevent the dusts produced by static electricity.

  • Car Care Products Carb. Cleaner

    Car Care Products Carb. CleanerThis carburetor cleaner can effectively remove greasy dirt, gum, and carbon deposits on PVC valve, ERG valve, choke and other parts, It can easily flush off the residue on carburetor. The product can increase combustion efficiency to save oil and decrease the gas pollution.